Spring Speaks


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Well hello there! Long time no blog!! Well the Wheaton fam is back from vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things. Florida was wonderful and I was dreading coming back to the cold. It didn’t help that the day I landed it was sooo cold out and wind gusts up to 40 mph. YUCK! I’m dreaming of Spring now, it helps me to get through the cold days. I created Spring Speaks, the third piece of my Seasonal Series. Here’s to first blooms, cute butterflies and lots of sun!!! This piece makes me feel all warm inside and gives me hope that it will warm up soon!!!


Traveling with my 14 mos. old was not fun by myself on the way home. On the way down it was rough but Daddy was there to pass her off to when I needed to. She didn’t sleep at all on the flight down and it was at night. I think she knew she was going on vacation. She was so stimulated with all the sun, the pool, new adventures and new people. It was so fun watching her experience all the new things she did. This picture sums up Lorelei on a daily basis!! Watching life through a child’s eyes is wonderful!! Here’s to much happiness and a VERY HAPPY Spring!

Until later!


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