Introducing the newest member of the family.


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Well we decided to get a best buddy for Lorelei this weekend. We’ve named him Riley. He was free to a good home and we thought our home was good enough for this sweetie pie. He’s just so gentle with her and us. He was around kids before so is used to them. He follows her around like crazy when he’s not cuddling with J or I. She loves her new puppy and says “woof, woof” when she sees him. It’s so sweet. He’s also part of my time management plan, he gets me out of bed early, no more sleeping in. Lo tends to sleep in and so did I. It’s a good thing, I think. Let’s see I’m already showered, ate breakfast, fed him, played with him and took him outside, finished a painting, hardboiled some eggs, put my make up on and dilly dallied on the computer all before Lo got up (not in that order)! Great morning!! See it’s working!

Because my time is better managed now I’m hoping to be able to do more art! YAY! Anyways, I will be listing a new series in a week or 2! I’m very excited about it! I think you will be too. If you’re one of my contacts on flickr you may have already seen my Little Whimsies. Be on the lookout for them. It will be original prints and paintings all sized 5 x 5! So cute!

Have a great day!


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