New look!


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New look!, originally uploaded by creativeFlutter AKA MazerDesign.

Well it has been a long time coming but I finally revamped my website, it’s been embarrassing to me for quite some time, too cluttered, dark colors and I was trying to keep up and put every little piece of art I’ve ever created on it with links to purchase, UGH!!! Enough was enough. I decided to keep it simple and sweet and too the point. I have links to all of my important sites where you can be updated of my artistic flutters as I call them. It’s easy to navigate and fun to look at. I may expand on it in the future when I’m not chasing around my daughter Lorelei or our crazy pup Riley. I’d love to hear some feedback when you get a chance, please tell me what you think even if it’s negative, I’d like to know if I could make it better or leave it the way it is. Thanks so much!!

Hope you all are having a happy, fun and SAFE Memorial Day weekend!




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