A Wedding and the In-Laws


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Hi all!

It’s been about a week since I last blogged and I just realized it! Things have been extremely busy and I feel like I could sleep for a week!! Some of you may not know that photography is a hobby of mine and I love doing it, well a friend of mine picked up on that awhile back and asked me to be the photographer for her wedding. TOTAL FREAK OUT!!!!! OK I’m done freaking out. I was so nervous about doing it since it’s a WEDDING and I didn’t want to miss any of their big moments! She assured me she had total and complete confidence in my skills and in her words, “I’m not worried about it!”, I figured if the bride wasn’t worried, should I be? She was the most calm and collected bride I have ever met! She was so laid back I was worried I was going to be too lax and be in the moment and forget to take the shots, we are good friends and I was really in the middle of the ceremony! Well it all worked out and I did have a few “duh” moments but managed to get every shot they wanted and then some! I took over 700+ photos!!! INSANE!!! My whole family was there telling me to chill out and eat my food at the reception and I kept telling them I was going to miss something and I almost did. I managed to get a few bites before my food was cleared by the service, ugh! So annoying because it was all I had eaten all day. I started following my friend at the salon at 8 am, then back to the hotel to get ready, then the service and the very fun reception. Needless to say I could barely walk when I got home and I almost just crashed on the couch as soon as I walked in the door but I missed my baby girl so much and had to play with her! My sweet hubby was assisting me with my photographic needs at the reception, we’re such a good team. He had to run home and get his laptop so I could take more shots! I filled my CF card 3 times!!! If he hadn’t been there I would have missed a ton of photos which would have been very disappointing. The bride & groom went on their happy way and they had a beautiful ceremony of which my Dad officiated so it was a family affair so to speak. CONGRATULATIONS K & L!!!

Now where do the in-laws come into the picture? Well they had come up for a visit and were going to be staying here for 10 days. They were here while the wedding was taking place and were the perfect babysitters. I can’t imagine having to bring my all over the place toddler Lo. She would have loved dancing but I could just hear her little voice in the sweet chapel as I was on the stage taking shots of her saying, “mama, mama!” then getting upset as I didn’t respond, boy that would have been a mess!! LOL I missed her soooo bad! We had a great time with J’s parents but were so wiped out. His mom is always going and always thinking. She was on a mission to get our house organized. We have so little storage space because in the 50’s I guess people didn’t need storage or something? What’s up with that??? It’s so annoying anyways, we managed to get a toy organization system for $38 at Wal-Mart, a put together shelf and some bins, why didn’t we do this sooner???? Now I’m not walking through a toy-zone worried about tripping on anything, it’s wonderful. Being organized is so underrated! LOL We also organized the hall closet which I found out was mostly garbage in there, how bad is that? We also managed to put down new flooring in our bathroom. She kept us on task! First thing in the morning she would ask me what I wanted to get done and I hadn’t even had my first sip of coffee! It was great though. We had a good time with them but it’s nice having our home back.

Art news – I have a bunch of new ideas and I’m hoping to get to do some of them this week, we’ll see how things go. I have listed 2 new items in my shop as well, Among the Blossoms and Freedom. Check them out when you get a chance.

Until later, have a wonderful day, week, month or whatever!!

I’m wedding’ed out, we have another one on Saturday and we’re bringing Lo, I’ll let you know how that goes!!!



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