My Bright Pochette Spotlight


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Hi all!

Just wanted to showcase a new wonderful Etsy shop for your viewing and purchasing pleasure! It’s called My Bright Pochette but don’t be confused because that is just the shop name. The link name is I am pleased to share this shop with you because it is my very own talented Mother-In-Law’s shop. She makes these wonderful, adorable purses called Pochettes!! She uses 100% Duoppioni silk and very pretty trims and beading for each bag. They are all handmade by her. To see more about these wonderful purses check out her shop and add her as a fave if you heart her! She will be adding more to the shop soon, I know because I’m her shop manager so to speak! LOL Please give this newbie some Etsy lovin!!

In case you’re wondering about the private auction for “The Beautiful Pirate”, well nobody bid at all so she is back up for sale in my shop. Needless to say I won’t be doing another one of those unless specifically asked. I didn’t feel the love at all! 😦

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day in the states yesterday!

Until later!



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