The simple things


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I’m just simply amazed by my sweet daughter Lorelei. She’s my ultimate daily companion, my little mini me, my ham, my girlie girl, my dare devil, my little lover girl. She is my world. She is constantly WOWING me on a daily basis. OK so I am gushing about my kid, so what you know you all do it! 😉 She is my joy and I just love how the littlest thing that would have never caught my attention ALWAYS catches hers and she stops to ponder and take it all in. I can’t even walk 2 feet in my weed covered yard without her stopping to pick an “ow” (flower), even if it’s a dead one. She sees a rock and it EXCITES her. She see’s rainwater left over in the dogs bowl and wants to SPLASH! She seizes every moment! If anything she has taught me to enjoy the simple things every day. I need to stop and slow down and really see what is around me and take it all in and enjoy it. I need to be happy even if it’s raining out or the house is dirty because I’ve been too busy playing with her or creating art. My ultimate job on this earth is to keep her happy, safe, LOVEDALWAYS. I write this as a reminder to myself and to others who need to hear to slow down and ENJOY the simple things.

This picture is so fitting for this post because she was thrilled to be sitting in this big cushy chair at April Cornell with her new bear and her always close companion Mr. Moose and a lemon cookie that they gave her. This is a moment of pure joy and probably my newest favorite shot of her!

What inspired this is this entry by Chrysti.

Take time to enjoy the simple things today.



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