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Well we had a wonderful weekend. We took Lorelei for her very first horse ride. He was a miniature horse named Willy and he was at our local orchard. We took her there to go on a wagon ride, get some cider donuts and apple cider and look at all the pumpkins. The horses were a bonus. She loved every minute of it. Such a brave kiddo at 20 months old.

Got some bad news this morning, my gym is closing at the end of the week. Now what? I was just getting into going again after we were all sick for a few weeks. Off to another gym, again. I was bummed. I was clueless to when I walked in even though everything was off the walls and it looked empty, duh! I wasn’t awake it was 6 am.

Just joined Suzi Blu’s class, Les Petites Dolls and so far I love it. I’m way behind everyone else but I really wanted to take it and was thrilled when I found out I could still! These are some of my sketches.

I’m also taking Paulette Insalls, Organic Dimensions Background class. I’m working on 2 canvases for that. I am totally loving that class as well! Trying out new techniques and I’m super excited as far as art goes.

So that’s my update for now. Off to watch Heroes with the hubby!

Night all!


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  1. I like your backgrounds…wish I were taking Paulette’s background class. I am in Suzi’s class too. I have only finished one painting so far and I’m not brave enough to put on wood yet. I’m really enjoying the class! There’s so many talented people in the class.

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