Christmas Giveaway!


Well it’s that time of year again! Time to give and be with loved ones. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and STRESS that this time of year usually brings. A lot of times I have to remind myself not to get caught up in it otherwise I’d go nuts!! Like most families I am the one who comes up with gift ideas, I do the shopping and wrapping, I do the cards and mail them out. It can be super stressful but this post is not about STRESS it’s about sharing with you!!

I would like you to tell me what the best gift you ever received was, be it something physical, emotional or an event. Just for doing that I am going to pick 2 winners with the random number generator to receive a set of 4 bookmarks. Make sure you tell me which set you would like if you win. You can choose between my Season’s Speak set or my Bistro set. These you can keep for yourself or give in a stocking stuffer both are worth $10.

Season’s Speak Set

Bistro Set

OK so I’ll share with you my story. I think the best gift I ever received was when I found out my boyfriend (now husband of almost 10 yrs) Jason was going to follow me to NY. He went away to school when we were both living in FL, during this time I couldn’t find work and my family had just moved back North to NY and I was starting to live on credit. It was getting bad!! I made the gut wrenching decision to move back to NY and I really didn’t want to because all of my friends were in FL and I knew Jason would be coming back to FL after school was done. I didn’t know if we could survive the distance since we had only been dating 4 months when he left. I was worried sick that it would be over and I knew by that time I had wanted to marry him. I got the phone call from him that he was going to move to NY so we could be together again and I was the happiest I had ever been. He came a few days just before Christmas and we’ve been together ever since!!! That was the best gift ever!!!!

Now it’s your turn! Make sure you tell me how to contact you if you’re not a blogger and also which set you would like!!!

Have fun!

Giveaway is open until Saturday at Noon! I will announce the winner then.



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  1. Aimee – You probably know what my best gift was! 🙂 For those who don’t: My best Christmas gift was a little late but worth every minute – it was my daughter. She was born 2 days after Christmas. Since it was a planned c-section I knew when she would be born and all I could think about on Christmas day was that in 2 days I would be holding a precious baby girl!Kara

  2. I think my best christmas pressie was a donkey jacket and pick axe!! yeh I know it sounds wierd, but it was my boyfriends(now Husband of nearls 2oyrs) idea of humour! In the pocket was a beautiful necklace- He really tried to make my first christmas present from him one to remember and He did!!

  3. ok, my best present was from when I was younger. It was this weird looking stuffed animal with a light sensor so everytime it got light or dark it’s nose would blink and it would make a sound like wikiwikiwiki (which is what my creative younger self named it). I loved that damn thing and was crushed when it broke.

  4. My favorite Christmas Gift was when I was able to host my entire family (Mom, Brother, Sister, Sister-in-Law, and all the kids) at my home for Christmas. I live 4 hours away, so it was quite a treat for me. I will always remember it.

  5. My favorite gift was actually a Christmas tree. It was 1978 and my family and I were living in Jerusalem, Israel and it was our first Christmas to spend in the Holy Land. We were not able to go out and shop for Christmas decorations. There was not one Christmas tree to be found. Being 9 years old I was broken hearted. It was just a couple days before Christmas and someone knocked at our door. A man from our church was holding probably the ugliest, skinniest, dried up Christmas tree you ever did see. But to me it was a Christmas miracle! Since we didn’t have any decorations we started making them from construction paper, popcorn and candy. My sister Brenda even made a 3D Christmas train from construction paper to go around the tree. My dad and mom figured out how to get it to stand in a pot and we started decorating. It was finished! By no means would this tree have been welcomed in the center of Macy’s but we thought it was the best little Christmas tree in the whole world. This was my favorite gift and favorite Christmas memory. – Cindy Thomas (Altamonte Springs, FL)

  6. There are a lot of great gifts, but my best gift ever was actually a Valentine’s gift. Bill and I had been talking about having another baby (Caleigh, #3), but had not made any decisions. In fact, we were still using birth control, an IUD. When Valentine’s Day rolled around, he had a card and a gift for me, like ususal. Inside the card he had an appointment card for my midwife. He called and made the appointment for me to go have the IUD removed. Sure enough within the next two months, we were pregnant. She was about three weeks late for Christmas, but that was ok by me. 🙂

  7. Best tangible gift… When I was 8 I got Simon. I loved that game. I would go in my room and shut all the lights off and close the door. I used to pretend it was a disoo ball (lame!). I’d play it all the time.Best emotional gift… Dec 8th, 1993 my granfather (mother’s dad) died… the day before my 23rd birthday. He was the first person close to me that I had ever lost. 23 days later my grandmother (father’s mother) died on Dec 31st. 2 months after that we lost my uncle. It was a bad couple of months. As bad as that time was though… the gift it offered me was that every Christmas I’m able to smile with warm thoughts of these loved ones. Though I miss them and probably don’t think of them as often as I should… I certainly think of them all the time during Christmas!

  8. Hi Aimee,The best gift ever was when I got pregnant right before Christmas in 1981. I was not married at the time and not sure how things were going to turn out. I was scared and confused, but my boyfriend and now husband of 27 years asked me to marry him. It changed my life and turned out to be everything I always wanted. Go by my blog because I have a give-away also.Thanks,Charlie

  9. My favorite gift ever was the first Christmas that my son and I were on our own after I left a marriage of 21 years. My son (who was 12 at the time) used all of his birthday money to buy me gifts so I'd have something under the tree also! I cried and cried…what a sweet & thoughtful son I have!He bought me things he had heard me say I wanted/needed…like a kitchen timer, bedroom shoes, a video…

  10. Best gift ever? I wanted a cedar chest for a long time. I love the smell of blankets fresh from a cedar chest. Christmas morning, we all went to my mother’s house to open gifts. My mother handed me a small box. I opened it and inside were 3 small potatoes with a note that read “This is just small potatoes, your real gift is in the garage”. In the garage was a beautiful Lane cedar chest, the one I always wanted. My family had all contributed to buy it for me. I love it all the more because my family went out of their way to get it for me. I really like the Bistro bookmarks.shel704 at aol dot com

  11. I have two memorable Christmas’:1. when I was about 5 years old, my Mom met a new ‘friend’… and that Christmas he bought my brother and I so many gifts that they could all fit under the tree! My favorite gift was my very own umbrella!! It was clear blue and plastic; I loved that umbrella until it fell apart.2. Christmas 2007 was special because it was Amelia’s first Christmas and Greg proposed to me in front of my family on my favorite holiday.

  12. I don’t win these things, but what the heck 🙂 (and I hope it doesn’t doublepost!)I think one of my favorite presents is the year that, back in the 1980s, I got a Cabbage Patch Doll. They were still hugely popular then. I got a redhead and I named her Crystal Lynn – her real name was Rowena or something!! But I think part of the reason this is so important to me is because my mom and dad gave me Crystal. My dad died shortly thereafter – I think even the next year? His death was sudden, and not expected at all, so anything related to him, I treasure.

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