My second tattoo, fresh today.


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So I got a tattoo today out of the blue! Actually I was at my eye appt. waiting to check out when my hubby texted me to say that there was a cancellation at the tattoo shop where I go and to call them! I was not expecting a tattoo today, I had to wait until Aug. 8th to get it done. I was thrilled when I found out. He was home sick today, if he hadn’t been sick I would have had to pass on the appt. today. It all worked out the way it should have I think. This lovely fresh tattoo is in honor of my late Nana who passed away a few months ago. She loved strawberries and cardinals and there are 13 lily of the valley’s as well which was her birthday and the same day she passed on her 89th birthday. This cardinal was based on a painting I did while she was sick. This painting is now hanging on my side of the bed where I can see it daily. While I was getting the tattoo done I could picture her looking down on me saying, “my Aimée!!” which she often said while laughing. I miss her dearly and can’t wait to be reunited in Heaven with her some day. My wonderful tattoo artist is Kristen from In Living Color Tattoo! I’d work with her again in a heartbeat! She did my first tattoo as well. Just thought I’d share!

I miss you Nana!


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  1. I absolutely love your tattoo,and what a sweet way to celebrate your Nana!!I want one, but am a little chicken to get it. Shall I be brave?? 🙂

  2. I love it. I love tats that have thought into them. I only have two meaningful ones. Wy's name and tinkerbell with a halo and my mom's initials in the wings cause she's always acting as my angel watching over what I do or maybe it;s just being nosey I tell her lol

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