And the Winners Are….!!


Hi All!

I just wanted to say thank you for your participation in my birthday giveaway. As promised I picked the winners today with my little helper Lo. She is easily distracted and didn’t last through the name picking! I used my wonderful vintage/shabby jar from my friend Lisa at Sparkklejar and picked names the old fashion way! I made a video but it was too jumpy because Lo kept dropping the paper so I only posted the photos. She didn’t last long! Oh well, maybe next year. I really enjoyed reading what everyone’s favorite gifts were! Thank you for sharing your fun memories. OK on with the part you really want to read! Here are the winners!!!! The names correspond with the order of the prizes as well. I realized I had 15 winners (but I miscounted) so to even things up I added as the last prize a print of choice from my shop.

Winners are:

Sherry Lee – Becky Hilgendorf Art Cards!
Serena – Frog ACEO from Amanda Makepeace
Cre8tiva – Mirror from Tim Sally’s
Connie – EK Creations necklace
Melody – Print of your choice & journal from DazeyChic
Artbylmr – Sunflower Brooch by ZudaGay Pease
Ann – Handpainted card wallet or pair of earrings from Amy Smith
Barbara – $10 Gift Cert from Amy Smith Glass
Debbie – Happy Shack Designs Necklace
La Alicia – Persimmons Gal ACEO and Earrings
Rhonda – Julia Jewels Doll
Coralee – 3 Art Dolls Kit
Cream City Chick-A-Dee – 1 month free membership at EBSQ
Rayann – Little Whimsie of choice from me!
Deanna – Print of choice from my shops!

I hope you all enjoy your prizes!!! Please contact me at aimee{at} with your email addresses so I can forward them on to the sponsors. Thank you!!!

Congrats to everyone! Sorry not doing links, my kid is acting up big time and this has taken me over an hour to type!


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  1. Hi Aimee, Happy Belated Birthday to you! 😉 Hope you had a great great one ;)Thx for coming by my blog. and hope im not too late to answer your Q. i got the P52 image from Pamela's blog lol. (our previous leader) i just click and saved it.then copy to my blog. hope that helps. im LOSTTTTTT too. hope i'll be on track with you gals soon lol .your blog is full of fab stuffssss!!! oo-lala! cheers to our new friendship -jaz

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