Embrace your Inner Bad Girl! Follow me on a new adventure with Project 52!


Recently I was selected to a be Bad Girl for Project 52! I’m thrilled because not only will I be stretching my artistic abilities with a fabulous team but also will be encouraging others to embrace their artistic dreams!! This is a year long artistic journey that I have committed to and I hope you do as well! Every 2nd & 4th Monday during each month you will see a new challenge posted to do as well as the design teams (DT) interpretation of that challenge. Well today is the first challenge!

The first challenge is HERO. I had a lot of fun with this challenge! Being that it is the month of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to make my “Hero” a breast cancer survivor and superhero! For selling purposes she’ll be called “Hope” for this challenge I shall call her the “Pink Avenger” – Saving the Tatas One At A Time! Thought the world could use a little humor! Not to make light of women battling cancer but to spread hope and joy even in the worst of times. I will have included a tutorial in the Project 52 blog on how I created this piece. I hope you like it! It’s completely different from my normal art but I had fun creating it!

Here she is, “The Pink Avenger”! Sassy, isn’t she?

Here are some helpful tips in getting started in mixed media:

  • Never throw anything out! Even bits of scraps can make or break a piece. Look at everyday objects in a new light. This will make you have lots of stuff lying around but you never know when you’ll need or want to use it! I even keep my cup cozies from Starbucks, it makes for great texture in pieces!
  • Gel Medium is your best friend!! I use Golden Gel Mediums in all my art it has so many uses! Invest in a bigger jar you’ll need it!

More to come later!!

Our Design Team Members have opened up their Studio Blogs featuring Tips for Beginning Mixed Media. You can have a chance at the Bad Girls scrumptious prize shown on the Project 52 by visiting each blog and ending up at our P52 Gallery and P52 Forums!

Remember: Have fun! Embrace your Inner Bad Girl Artist!!!


Aimée AKA Mazer


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  1. Great papers and elements! And great news on the breast cancer research scene! I have been saving "stuff" for ages! Can hardly wait to jump in and use it 🙂

  2. I love this…what a fantastic tribute to breast cancer awareness, survivors, and those fighting now..This is truly inspirational.So many new techniques for me too. This is so much fun and I can't wait to start playing.x0x0xMadzie09

  3. Love the idea of using the starbucks things. (might have to go get myself some coffee just so I can use it :)I really like the beadwork on your piece as well. Very nice!~ ms_moey

  4. love Love LOVE this canvas! Very whimsical about a very serious subject, and most survivors would agree we need humor to keep our perspective and continue the fight! Great job!

  5. WOW, if I kept everything I'd be drowning in a sea of 'lovely things to keep', but it's good advice!Lovely to see your work and your process too.Annie B

  6. Hi Aimee, she certainly is sassy – I love it!Also – grinned from ear to ear because of the converse boots on the Wanderer I just saw on Melange Team blog! sweetPam

  7. Aimee…your project is very pretty in pink and it carries such a meaningful message in it. thank you for doing this ;)You are so creative.am already looking fwd to your next project ;)-jaz

  8. wow! that was nice to make a piece inspired by breast cancer awareness , I love how you said , " saving the tatas one at a time , thats a cute sayin'. off to the next blog , thanks for the inspiration! : P

  9. oh how funny..being a mixed media artist i had to giggle about your first comment aboutsaving everything..and that is such an understatement..just wait until you have been doing it a while…i need a bulldozer at this point…lol!i have to tell you! your piece is amazing and gorgeous~! this blog hopping is so fun..i am meeting so many nice peeps..and seeing so much inspirational art!hugs!!!

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