I’m on a roll!!


Well I guess taking a break from my art without the pressure of having to sell it has really opened up my creativity. Who knew? I’d like to show you the 2 pieces I created tonight! My hands are covered in paint and I’m having so much fun with it. I’ve rarely used a brush too! 🙂

Here they are!

“The Good Egg”

With the flash the colors are truer but you don’t see the sparkle as much.

Taken with my iPhone you can see her sparkly outfit!

Little details


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  1. Aimee, LOVE this catty woman:) Of course, I'm a bit biased!ha!I just wanted you to know, however, that in her native country of France, she doesn't say Meow, but Miaou. hehe!Bonne chance, mon amie Aimee!trishiaaka FrenchKissed

  2. Hi Aimee,Had to tell you how absolutely cute is the little one…so sweet! My fav 🙂 By the way your blog is on my blog roll 🙂 I didn't wii tonight, but did do it for an hour last night…whew!Sally

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