New State, New Year, New Body, New Car?


Hi all,

Well 2011 has started out being super busy. Life hasn’t slowed down. I haven’t had any time in the studio at all since my last art frenzy. I have to apologize to my FB fans who entered my contest. I haven’t chosen a winner yet and I’m sorry. Life has been nutso. Hoping to get to that this week. I have been busy planning my daughters 4th birthday party which is tomorrow. I’ve been busy trying to get my eating and working out schedule on track (and it’s working!). Basically life is busy. I need and want more art time but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Still trying to get my groove since moving back to FL. It’s taken longer than I thought it would.

I took Lo to Sea World on her birthday.

I have been going to Forte Fitness’ boot camp 3 times a week (weather dependent) and it’s rough but it feels great because I’m seeing results. I’ve discovered Dance Central on our Kinect for our XBox 360 and danced for 3 hours the other night. I burned over 1400 calories! I joined a Biggest Loser challenge a friend set up and there is a chance I could win $500 if my body cooperates with me. Most days I feel like I’m going to float away because I’m only drinking water and tracking that with the Waterlogged app. I’ve started counting every little calorie using the Lose it App on my iPhone. You can also track online at their website. I have been faithfully doing it for 3 weeks now! I’ve also starting using some AdvoCare products suggested by my bestie who uses them. Today I tried on a shirt that hadn’t fit for the last 2 years and it does comfortably!!! 🙂 I’m definitely losing inches. My goal is to lose 60 pounds which is about right for my short frame. I’m considered obese even though I don’t feel like it. I’m too darn short! So wish me luck on this journey! I want to be healthy and look it too!

Last night I got a surprise, well sort of. We had taken a look at a local Mazda dealership and looked around. We’ve been looking for a new car for over a month now, taking our time till we found something we liked and was a good fit for us. We had an ’05 Chrysler Pacifica AWD which was more car than we needed. No need for AWD in FL and it was a gas hog. We do more driving down here and it was costing us in fuel. Well I found my little fun car the night before, an ’11 Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback. We took it for an overnight test drive and had to bring it back last night. I didn’t think we’d drive it back home. It was a nice surprise when Jason said yes! 🙂 It’s soo much fun! Why not start the new year out in a new car right? Anyways it’s aqua! My favorite color. I love zipping around town and Lorelei has aptly named it ZOOM ZOOM.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pray I survive the party tomorrow. I’m totally slacking today. Need to clean, make favor bags and more and I’m totally slacking today.

Happy weekend!


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  1. So glad you are enjoying yourself. I so totally understand the short part being 5″ myself. I going for another 30 pds. I dance too, to Zumba! Love it.
    Your little girl is a cutie. All we have are boys and they’re all teens now. And that car is so cute. Many days of fun with it.

    Good luck with the birthday party!

  2. I saw your bird on the Brave GIrls site and I loved it. I am competing the ecourse this week and love, love, loved it.
    i hope to connect with you again soon.
    All the best!

    ps I enjoyed visiting your blog today

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