Busy, busy!


Spring is always crazy busy for me. I am sorry for neglecting you my dear blog and readers (if I still have any) 😉 We’ve had numerous visits from family and friends in the last few weeks as well as new biz opportunities for my fledgling art biz. Let me recap for you.

In February I had a girls day out with my besties to the cute little town of Mt. Dora, FL. One of my all time favorite places to visit and spend a nice relaxing day. If you have never heard of Mt. Dora please google it! It’s full of antique shops, restaurants, boutiques and much more. You can take a horse and buggy ride around town and get it’s full rich history as well. If you’re in Central Florida take a side trip and visit it’s so worth it. OK my plug for Mt. Dora has ended here. Anyways we were in cute little Mt. Dora and we happened upon a boutique named Under the Cherry Blossoms and started chatting with the owner. Super nice. Anyways I told her I made art and she perked up. She wanted to get my info so I gave it to her. Fast forward a few weeks and I now have extra side work. I’m making custom pieces for her shop as well as custom card designs. I’m thrilled we connected. She has been keeping me super busy. It was definitely a divine encounter I believe for which I am grateful. I have been searching for part time work from home so this is a plus!

Next order of business I started another little mini biz to help supplement my art one. I am now creating my own doodles and digital scrapbook designs. I call it Digidoodledoo and my sweet scribbles in the logo were created by my little sidekick Lo. It just sort of came together as a result of the custom work for Under the Cherry Blossoms. With my digital art background it was a no brainer. I’m loving it. I’m slowly working on designs and will be getting more in my shops. I set up an Etsy as well as an ArtFire shop. Check them out if you have a chance.

This is a newer piece I created called “LoveABull”. 20% of the proceeds will go to Bernie Berlin and A Place to Bark. Check her out if you haven’t heard of her. She’s an amazing woman who I’m proud to be working with for animal rescues.

I am now an Aunt again. My brother and his wife just had their baby boy named Jeremy and he’s adorable. Unfortunately he’s not local so I have to settle for Skype to see him. So excited to eventually meet him.

There are other fun events coming up. My SIL is getting married in less than 4 weeks and Lorelei is one of her flower girls. I’ll be helping her with programs for the ceremony soon.

So with everything going on now I’m trying to stay organized and on top of things. Time management is super hard for me. What do you do to stay on top of things? I find my life is just getting busier and busier.

Thanks for reading if you still are! 🙂


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