And baby makes 4 …. OMG we’re in for another crazy ride


First off hi! How are you? Yes I’m still alive although some days I’m not so sure. I haven’t been creating anything for quite some time due to the fact that I am indeed pregnant with baby number 2. I’m avoiding my studio like the plague right now which bothers me but it must be done for the sake of the little bugger in my belly. I was very sick during the first trimester and was even hospitalized after I saw my OB due to severe dehydration. I couldn’t keep anything down and the only way I felt better was when I was sleeping, hard to do with an active 4 year old running around. I was on 3 different meds for nausea as well. This pregnancy is so completely different than when I was pregnant with Lorelei. I never got sick with her in my belly!! This baby is making himself/herself known. I will be 16 weeks on Monday and the bouts with nausea have subsided but now I’m just getting headaches and I get worn out easy. Prayers are appreciated. I’m due at the beginning of December. So what do you think, pink or blue?


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  1. Each pregnancy is sooo different! Just you wait till that boppy fuzzy bundle arrives and the only time you’ll remember all the suffering is when you aren’t trying to but manage to scare a newly pregnant Mom with your story ! I bet is easy to dehydrate in the heat too! Stay Strong! Hugs!

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