Latest beading adventures


I know 2 blog posts in 1 day! I have lots going on! Wanted to introduce you to my Bead Soup partner, Barbara York. She’s new to beading but does fabulous with sewing and quilting which I know nothing about! Check out her blog here. Looking forward to getting my goodies in the mail! I forgot to take a photo of what I was sending her. It changed many times before I decided on the last set of beads. Check out the Bead Soup link on the right to find out more info. I think over 300 people are participating! It’s my first time! I will have to create a piece from the things that Barbara sends me and then blog about it when finished. It’s going to a HUGE blog hop!! 🙂 It’s supposed to challenge us creatively. I can’t wait!

Also listed a bunch of new pieces in my jewelry shop: Impress2Bless. Below are some of the photos of the latest!

Blossom Necklace


Peacock Colors Earrings


Back to Nature Earrings


Vintage Floral Earrings


To the Moon


Happy Beading!


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