Where did the time go??


All ready to go!

So yesterday my big girl (sniff) started VPK. I can’t believe this means she’ll be in Kindergarten next year! We both took it in stride and no tears were shed. She was just as excited as I was. It helps that her school is at our church so we’re both familiar with the surroundings. She is even in class with one of her church buddies. She seemed to love her first day yesterday and I enjoyed 3 hours of free time of which I purged toys and made some jewelry. I know my routine will come but right now I’m a little lost without her being home. We’ll figure it out. The nice thing is we have a new excuse to use with her “it’s a school night” 🙂 She was in bed promptly at 8:30 which is HUGE for us because she’s a night owl. I think she fell asleep by 9pm. We actually had time to watch some TV together before I drifted off to sleep on the couch. Of course this means I have to be on when it comes to dinner and eating it earlier than we have been all summer so there are a few challenges ahead of me. All in all I’m grateful she has this extra time to learn and that she’s excited about it!

Lo & Savy "church buddies"


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