Baby 2.0 – A sneak peek of Lilyanna Rose


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Well today we had our 4D ultrasound to get a sneak peek of our baby girl. I was soooo giddy this morning just thinking about seeing her. We didn’t get to do this with Lorelei so this was a blessing. I have a friend who owns her own Sonagram biz. A BIG thanks to Lara Miller for taking the time with us today and letting us see into my belly! Lilyanna wasn’t quite cooperating with us in her positioning and her umbilical cord was hanging in front of her face so it was hard to get a clear shot. Here’s a few photos for your viewing pleasure! Can’t wait to hold my baby girl. Almost in my 3rd trimester and these next three months are going to fly by! If you’re in the Central Florida area check out Lara’s business Sona 3D/4D.


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