Help me celebrate my birthday giveaway!


My poor little blog has been so neglected! I’m surprised it hasn’t logged me out while typing! LOL Anyways … in years past I used to do a giveaway each year on my birthday. In my book it’s better to give than to receive and you are the recipients! 🙂 GO YOU! I used to ask many of my online friends to sponsor my giveaways as well as giving my art and goodies away. This year I’m being spontaneous (came up with this 2 days ago) and I’m only giving away little pieces of my art. You will find every object I’m giving is something handmade by me. My birthday is tomorrow, October 9th and I’m officially celebrating my last birthday 😉 I’ll be turning 39 YIKES! Where did the time go? At least my hubby is a few months ahead of me … tee hee hee! So because my birthday is the 9th I’m giving away 9 gifts, a little of this and a little of that.

Here are the prizes:


Gift 1 is an original 8 x 10 mixed media painting on canvas I created in Paulette Insall’s class in 2007 called “Be Still” it is wired and ready to hang right out of the box!


Gift 2 is an original on a wood blank that was woodburned, collaged, painted and then waxed with beeswax. I believe it’s 12 x 9. It’s called “Mother Daughter Stroll” and is from 2008. It’s wired and ready to hang as well.


Gift 3 is a set of two blank greeting cards (3 x 5) with my original art on them. They come wrapped in cello sleeves with an envelope. One is my manatee painting “Three Sisters” created in 2011 and the other is a digital collage piece called “Summer Speaks” from 2009.


Gift 4 is a set of 3 artist trading cards I created for a Bad Girls challenge when I was on their design team. They are all having to do with Life. “Life is Love”, “Life is Funny”, “Life is Friends.” These are from 2009 or 10.


Gift 5 is a set of 3 random artist trading cards I have created over the years and are just sitting in a box. Someone should add these to their collection. They are all untitled.


Gift 6 is a set of 3 Halloween muslin bags that I hand painted in 2010. They are perfect for little gifts or a little stash of candy for someone. They fit cell phones and anything smaller.

Gift 7 is a necklace I made in 2010 that I called “Cool Cafe Blues” This necklace reminds me of blue skies and a favorite outdoor coffee cafe. Wood beads, glass beads, pearls, gunmetal chain and matching lampwork beads as well. The focal is a gemstone but I can’t remember which stone it is since I bought is about 4 years ago. Has a super cool button clasp that I just learned how to make from the fabulous Lorelei Eurto. Necklace measures 20″.


Gift 8 is another necklace I created in 2010 called, “Spring Emerging”. This necklace is a nice and light springtime necklace. It’s made of quartz, lemon quartz, apple turquoise, labradorite, seed beads, amethyst and sterling silver. Would look great with a lot of outfits. It measures 17.5″ long and has a sterling silver S-hook clasp.


Gift 9 is not pictured in the top photo because apparently I can’t count….duh! It is a full size print of “Summer Speaks”. 11 x 14 print that is signed and wrapped in a cello sleeve.


Hope you like the gifts!

Just answer these questions to be entered into the giveaway …

My family is going through a rough time right now but we’re relying on faith in God to get us through to our miracle. So my question is this … what helps you get through tough situations? If you’re selected what would you like to win? I can’t guarantee you’ll get it but I’ll try my best!

If you could go over to my FB page and like it that would be amazing! It can be found here. Hopefully I will further update my blog on events and such but for right now it’s just my FB page. Wouldn’t want you to miss out! So thanks for helping me celebrate this year! Also check out my website for most of my links as well.

You have today and all day tomorrow to enter but all you need to do is add a comment and you’re entered. I will choose the winners on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have a crazy week. Meeting with a doctor tomorrow to discuss working on his new kids book as an illustrator! Wish me lots of blessings and luck with that. I’m a bit nervous! Thanks for reading and playing along! Happy birthday!!! 🙂

Aimée AKA Mazer!


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  1. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to share in the joy of your Birthday, I hold on to my faith with an Iron grip, find scriptures that relate to my circumstance esp. promises that will build me up, and I also share my burden with a few trusted prayer warriors~I would love to win the large signed print,/ the original /greeting cards~Things will get better xoxo, Julie

  2. As a vocalist/musician, the thing that helps me most through tough times is music. Especially praise and worship music. My favorite story in the Bible is the one of Paul and Silas being in prison and still singing praises. Of course in the course of their praises…the prison walls fell. We also see so many times where it was the worshipers that led the armies of the Old Testament into battle. That shows me that some of the most intense battles in our life, need to be fought with Praise and Worship. 🙂 I find that so often when I can praise my way through (although it’s not easy)….He shows Himself even MORE faithful in the end. Praying for you!!

  3. You are SO giving and such a sweetheart – not saying that to win, although I’d love to have something made by you. Have a Happy Miracle Birthday! ♥

  4. Happy Birthday, Aimee! Hoping that your birthday brings much happiness and blessings to you and what a perfect time to get some much needed and much deserved blessings as you and your family go through hard times! When I am in need of “help” while going through hard times, I find my solace in both prayer and looking at what other people are going through and realizing how blessed I truly am! Knowing and looking at other people and the “troubles” and “hard times” they are going through makes me take another look at my life, my situation and my family and it puts things into a whole different prospective! Yes, what I am dealing with may be “hard” however, I then realize and see how despite feeling “all alone” I see how I am NOT and how other people have similar situations, worse situations and more situations than I have! The whole time I am realizing how I am not alone and how I am not the only one dealing with things, I keep praying and keeping my eyes and heart in prayer. Hope that the situation you and your family are enduring now receives a God given “miracle” and you then are able to have an amazing testamony however, if that is not the case, please keep praying and please know that many other people (I am one) are praying along with you for God’s blessing and God’s “miracle”. Happy Birthday, Aimee! (hugs sent your way)

  5. Hi! Thanks for the sharing opportunity and I hope you have a wonderful birthday! My faith helps me through the difficult and overwhelming times, I do not know how people get through life without God on their side. In addition, I don’t think it would be possible to get through those tough times without my girlfriends.
    They always have my back!

  6. Aimee, I love your blog! And, I must say I am amazed at your talent….what a gift! My answer to your question is this: I learned a great deal from the book of Job in the Old testament. He certainly went through a lot of trials. I too, feel like I’ve had my fair share…Job 1:20 ….then he fell to the ground in worship. , then vs. 22 says that Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. Lastly, Job 2: 9 &10 Job’s wife told him to curse God and die. His reply; “You are talking like a foolish woman.” These 3 keys in Job’s life have helped me over & over maintain a heart of worship, not get angry at God, and watch what comes out of my mouth! Everything that happens to us requires “permission” from God himself. What Power there is in God if you are truly His Child. That gives me peace and keeps me going through some very difficult days. Thanks for the opportunity to share…
    If I won, I would love either the Mother and Daughter Stroll, because I homeschool my 9 yr old and it would go great in our classroom, or the Be Still print, which is my oldest daughter’s favorite verse. Did I forget to mention love the jewelry? Too talented Aimee, tough choices. Thank a bunch! I hope to come to your birthday VICTORY party!!!! 🙂

  7. I think “other people have gotten through stuff like this, too”… if I win, I’d love the painting or the cool cafe blues necklace… They’re all awesome! 🙂

  8. Hello my sweet friend…

    What gets me through the toughest of times is my faith in the Lord…the love of my parents and Dawn…and the love of my friends. Pray. Believe in miracles.

    I would to win #7 your Cool Cafe Blues Neckace as it reminds me of two things I love…coffee…and Carolina blue skies.

    Hugs…love and prayers for you and your family

  9. Forgot to tell you….I love all your stuff so I’m not too picky, but would love to have “Be Still” or the Halloween bags. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  10. My faith is what gets me thru everything. My family has been in a lot of tough situations the past two years and i pray like crazy. My heart is much more at peace when i give it to God. And so far everything is working itself out

  11. Whenever I am in tough situations, I count all the blessings that I had and currently have. I remember all the times that God helped me and my family. I even remember the quote which says something like, “When man’s hopes die, God’s mercy will begin” something like that. I live in a country which is the only Catholic country in Asia and that I can say that faith helps us especially in times of need.

    Anyway, if I win I’d like to have gift 9. It looks so wonderful!

  12. If I’m facing a personal tough time, I really rely on prayer, calling on scripture & the support of my husband & a few close friends who can also be prayer warriors. If we are facing a tough time as a family, we find a great deal of comfort & help when leaning on our church family for support.

    If I’m selected, I love the Cool Cafe Blues necklace. And of course, I already liked your page. 🙂

  13. First off, happy birthday!! 🙂

    I think when things are tough, I just pray-God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Hard to remember though!! And deep breaths, and trying to physically relax -especially my face. Amazing how much tension is in our faces!!

    I love the necklaces 🙂

  14. When I’m confronted with an obstacle in life what helps me immensely is to sit down and literally count my blessings. I get some paper and write down all of the positive blessings in my life like Noella, Jason, our house, ect. I keep going until I’ve run out of ideas. I keep the list handy for the rest of the day in case something else pops in and then review the list at the end of the day or any other time I’m just feeling down. Being able to see a physical list of the positives in my life keeps me balanced and shows me God’s love in all aspects of my life.

    If I’m picked I would LOVE to get the Spring Emerging necklace. 🙂

  15. I would love to win Be Still or one of the necklaces, either would help me get through tough times 🙂
    Seriously though, my friends, kids and art always get me through my darkest hours.
    Happy Birthday!

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