Just throwing this out there and hoping it sticks!


She's so zen.

She’s so zen.

To say life has been a roller coaster for the last three years is an understatement. We have not been fully settled since we moved back to Florida from Upstate NY. Throw a new baby in the mix, loss of a parent, kid starting school then changing school, house hunting, lost houses, backed out offers, short sales that are going nowhere and you have a very frustrated family.

I’m not complaining but just writing about what I want and that is peace, being able to dream again and moving on.

Here’s my list of wants and if I manage to get something off this list that is progress!

  • I want a place to call home, my home. Something I can take ownership in.
  • I want to be able to have a Christmas party at my home.
  • I want to put Christmas lights on my home
  • I want to start our new traditions that only the Wheaton family does.
  • I want to have family gatherings with lots of dirty dishes.
  • I want to see all the kids getting along and having fun.
  • I want to be able to give my daughters rooms they love, I’m talking being able to paint walls and accessorize.
  • I want to be organized enough that figuring out snacks, lunches and dinners aren’t so confusing (getting better by using emeals).
  • I want a vegetable garden as well as a herb garden.
  • I want to plant tulips in my front yard.
  • I want to plan playdates for Bean at my home.
  • I want to have set studio time weekly and record art videos
  • I want to go buy antiques for my home
  • I want to go on set dates with Jason.
  • I want my girls to have sleepovers and talk about everything under the sun.
  • I (can’t believe I’m saying this) want to bake with my kids and make a mess.
  • I want to have awesome neighbors like we did in NY
  • I want to go to the beach more often
  • I want to take my kids to art museums
  • I want to have friends over for dinner (a lot)
  • I want to play cards on our back deck (on a new house)
  • I want jazz music playing all the time and not My Little Pony
  • I want my kids to be happy and secure.
  • I want to feel like we’re doing the best thing for my family.
  • I want to start saving for college
  • I want a steady creative income
  • I want to be debt-free
  • I want to be able to travel again and know we have a home to come back to.
  • I want to see Fall in the Northeast again.
  • I want Bean to see snow.
  • I want my daughters to confide in me and trust me completely.
  • I want to be in shape and go to the gym all the time.
  • I want to be able to focus and not feel like my head is all over the place with everything going on.
  • I want to make lasting memories with my family.
  • I want to make an impact on people in a good way.
  • I want to give more.
  • I want to be more.
  • I want to love more.

I know a lot of this stems from being in a house we call home but I feel so much better just getting it off my chest. I really need to blog more, it’s cathartic to me. We need to be settled simple as that. I am grateful for what we have but I don’t feel settled and it’s nerve-wracking for me. Maybe I’m more of planner than I thought I was. I can’t dream now because it bugs me that it’s not there.

Here’s what I’m grateful for.

  • God
  • my family
  • a hard-working hubby who will do anything for me
  • our church (family)
  • Lo is in a good school
  • Bean makes us laugh and is such a light.
  • Lo my little drama queen we have to harness that somehow
  • a roof over my head (even though it’s not mine)
  • 2 working cars that are good on gas
  • close relationships with both sides of the family
  • Publix (yes I said that!)
  • All of my friends
  • My creative side
  • the local art community
  • friends who are patient with me
  • my Dyson vacuum cleaner 😉
  • my cats
  • coffee
  • being able to travel so much when I was younger
  • wanderlust
  • my It Works business
  • my networking side (love connecting people)
  • Greek food
  • new opportunities.

OK that was a mouthful. If you made it all the way through congratulations! I feel better just typing that! Please keep us in your prayers for some resolution some way. Thank you!


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  1. I love this blog post. You just inspired me to write 🙂

    You have had a difficult time. I hope all of your dreams come true. Somehow, I believe most of them will.

  2. Great Post !! I love your gratitude as well as your list of “wants” aka “achievements”, “dreams”, “aspirations”. The only one that I’m almost positive wont work is the tulips one. I live on the southeast corner of NC. we can Not grow tulips here…it doesnt get cold enough. So I dont think they will grow in FL. I can however grow daffodils and lilies. I must say, I lived in NY for over 40 yrs and I always loved mine and my Mother’s bulb gardens. I was heartbroken that I can’t grown tulips here and also can not grow my beloved lilacs which always bloom around my birthday. I also can’t grow bleeding heart. I’m trying to grow peonies and lily of the valley. Roses do well here and so do hibiscus and rose of sharon. I hope you get settled soon my friend.

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