Just off a dry spell … an art dry spell


I’m so happy  no, ELATED that my art dry spell has been broken! Grateful to my fellow artist friends who have included me in some online courses as a teacher, see The Graceful Artist & Soul Food, You can still sign up for both of those online courses. They have taken the sledgehammers to my creative block and have chipped away at it for some time. I can come up and breathe creativity again. I’ve missed colors, getting my hands messy or clothes messy for that matter. I’ve missed peeling gel medium off my hands and finding random paint splatter in my hair. I’m FREE! Thank you Jesus!!! I’m not myself when I can’t create so not sure how I survived 5 months without doing art. Guess I needed the break.

Happy to show you my first piece of art since the dry spell has broken. It was freshly painted over the last 2 days. I call her “Olive”.


I’m currently hooked on the AMC show “Hell on Wheels”One of my favorite characters on the show is “Eva” who is a woman constantly redeeming herself from dark situations. She is played by Robin Mcleavy and she does an incredible job. I found out that she is based off of an actual person during that time which got me digging for more of her history. I found out her name was Olive Oatman and she lived with 2 different tribes of Indians after her family was brutally murdered. The Mojave indians tattooed her face to show she was a slave.

"Eva" played by Robin McLeavy.

“Eva” played by Robin McLeavy.



Google her and you will find out much more than I’ve blogged about. There are books written about her and I think a movie as well. I had never heard of her until last week. I’m such a history nut and thought you’d like that bit of info as well. She is the inspiration for my first painting. I even created a time lapse video of how I created it. The video is a bit blurry at first because I didn’t have my equipment set up right but I couldn’t go back and recreate it so I had to deal with it. I hope you enjoy it! I am working out the kinks and plan to do more videos as I can!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. The piture didn’t “move me” until I read the background! I of course appreciated your creativity, and artistic gift, but when I read about Olive, it came alive!. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!!!XO

  2. You know I love love love Olive. Elayne, Tracy, Jessica and I just watched it again and we are all just talking love and talent about you!! Are your toes burning? Ha ha ha… Cannot wait till our next gathering! We are so glad your dry spell is over cause the world deserves your art!!

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