Sassy Siren


Hi guys!

Today is the big day that my Soul Food class aired! I was super nervous and excited about it yesterday but happy I can share it now with everyone. She was under wraps for months as I waited and waited to show her off. This morning to my surprise one of the Soul Food students (Gina Morley) came up with an amazing poem to go with it. In my class videos I challenged them to tell me her story (as I’m not good at making them up). This is so perfect and must accompany the photos! Enjoy!

Sassy siren 1

The Sassy Siren

“Shall we dance?”

Sang the Siren to the Scallops passing by.

“Though you haven’t any legs, I am sure that you could try!”

But they shut their shells in horror at the thought of such a thing!

A Scallop and a siren…together…in a Fling?”

“Shall we dance?”

Sang the Siren as she spied a Pod of Whales.

But they shrieked and screamed and panicked.

Then they splashed her with their tails.

Still in her finest Ball-gown, 

She continues on her quest.

Knowing when it comes to dancing….

Sailors ALWAYS prove the best.

sassy siren 5

sassy siren

sassy siren 3

sassy siren 2

sassy siren 6




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