The Day I took a Train Through Canada


Funny and true story by my sister-in-law!

give smiles for miles

I was asked to join this blog because of my many adventures. The only theme that runs through each post you’ll eventually read from me (if I don’t bore you before getting through them all) is a haphazard knack of getting myself into ridiculous predicaments. I share them on my own Facebook page simply because I’m sure someone somewhere is in need of a chuckle and my bad luck is almost always sure to bring some level of a smile. So without further pomp or circumstance, my first contribution to Smiles for Miles.


When I was in college, I didn’t have a car to drive back and forth to Michigan (my motherland) the first few years, so, I would usually end up taking Amtrak from Plattsburgh, NY to Jackson, MI. It took a full day to make the trip but the train ride was always fun.

On one such trip…

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