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Exciting news!

Exciting news!

I can share now as it’s official but starting in July I am on a new design team with a different spin! Think molds, resins and rubber! Thrilled to have been handpicked for this amazing team! I’m so excited about all the fun things I’m going to make and incorporate in my art!! It’s a whole new world for me and an area I had wanted to go in to!

Here’s the official post!




Embrace your Inner Bad Girl! Follow me on a new adventure with Project 52!


Recently I was selected to a be Bad Girl for Project 52! I’m thrilled because not only will I be stretching my artistic abilities with a fabulous team but also will be encouraging others to embrace their artistic dreams!! This is a year long artistic journey that I have committed to and I hope you do as well! Every 2nd & 4th Monday during each month you will see a new challenge posted to do as well as the design teams (DT) interpretation of that challenge. Well today is the first challenge!

The first challenge is HERO. I had a lot of fun with this challenge! Being that it is the month of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to make my “Hero” a breast cancer survivor and superhero! For selling purposes she’ll be called “Hope” for this challenge I shall call her the “Pink Avenger” – Saving the Tatas One At A Time! Thought the world could use a little humor! Not to make light of women battling cancer but to spread hope and joy even in the worst of times. I will have included a tutorial in the Project 52 blog on how I created this piece. I hope you like it! It’s completely different from my normal art but I had fun creating it!

Here she is, “The Pink Avenger”! Sassy, isn’t she?

Here are some helpful tips in getting started in mixed media:

  • Never throw anything out! Even bits of scraps can make or break a piece. Look at everyday objects in a new light. This will make you have lots of stuff lying around but you never know when you’ll need or want to use it! I even keep my cup cozies from Starbucks, it makes for great texture in pieces!
  • Gel Medium is your best friend!! I use Golden Gel Mediums in all my art it has so many uses! Invest in a bigger jar you’ll need it!

More to come later!!

Our Design Team Members have opened up their Studio Blogs featuring Tips for Beginning Mixed Media. You can have a chance at the Bad Girls scrumptious prize shown on the Project 52 by visiting each blog and ending up at our P52 Gallery and P52 Forums!

Remember: Have fun! Embrace your Inner Bad Girl Artist!!!


Aimée AKA Mazer