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Stompin at the Savoy Altered Cigar Box




Just a teaser to entice you over to my post at the Robin’s Nest! We created with the Regency collection this month and you can get 20% off of that collection. Pop on over to my friends at the Robin’s Nest and be sure to come back here and tell me what you think of my latest project!



***ps. I promise to get a real blog post on here soon!


Art Binge!


Celestial Lovers
That’s what I had tonight, an art BINGE!! Just hung out in the studio till inspiration hit!! I forgot that I made a bunch of clay pieces last year to use in my art. I was originally looking for my paper clay which I still can’t find but ended up finding my bag of clay pieces! This is what I created tonight! I’ll take better photos but for now you can see. It was fun having paint and gel medium all over my fingers!!

I should get to bed. I’m up late again and tomorrow is my baby girls 3rd birthday! Actually in about 45 minutes, 3 years ago tonight I had her! WOW!!!

Enjoy my binge!

Home is Where The Heart Is

Love is Patient Love is Kind

I’m on a roll!!


Well I guess taking a break from my art without the pressure of having to sell it has really opened up my creativity. Who knew? I’d like to show you the 2 pieces I created tonight! My hands are covered in paint and I’m having so much fun with it. I’ve rarely used a brush too! 🙂

Here they are!

“The Good Egg”

With the flash the colors are truer but you don’t see the sparkle as much.

Taken with my iPhone you can see her sparkly outfit!

Little details



Created this for my niece Corlin’s room.

I am enjoying my new found freedom with my creations lately. Now that I’m not stressed to keep up a shop it seems to have unleashed some more passion for creating! This is what I’ve done in the last few days. If you see something you like and would like to purchase it just holla! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!! Merry Christmas from me!

This was my 3rd attempt at an image transfer on this canvas. It finally came out so I finished it! Below is a detail of the bottom.

This is what I’ve been doing lately, exploring!!
Still need to add a few details to this but it’s pretty much done.

Reminder – Can’t keep up is a good thing!!!!


Hi all!

I’m exhausted!!! I have been keeping late nights and taking care of Lo who is still in her cast 😦 . I just can’t keep up with life and my art life together!! I have been selling art like hotcakes which is WONDERFUL! The pieces I have been selling have been big and small alike. I still have my art in 3 places locally and if one sells I have to replace it with a similar sized piece. Well I just sold my very large piece that I didn’t even have a chance to blog about yet called “The Earth Laughs In Flowers”. It is 24 x 36 and very vibrant. It’s light and airy and a different style for me. That same night I sold it I created a new piece called “Whimsical Garden” (same size) in a similar style. The big piece was a focal piece at a local restaurant so I didn’t want there to be a bare wall. While there switching out things I met a lady who was looking at my art and may purchase a piece for her sister. The same thing happened before when I was hanging “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” 2 girls were looking at my art while I was hanging it and have since gone around town looking at it! I was busy getting things ready for the “All About Birds” show at the library which will be up for a month as well. I’ve been scanning prints like crazy and even started a new series called “From the Book” (all originals listed on ArtFire). Busy, busy, busy!!! PHEW!! Tired yet? I am!

This is great! I feel like I’m finally on a roll and all the late nights and constant marketing online is paying off. Thank you to all who have passed on my links or have purchased my art. Because of the sales I have been able to pay off 2 credit cards!! What a good feeling that is!!! Still a ways to go but it’s a dent! I need to be debt free!!! THANK YOU!

I just found out last week that I am going to be in an upcoming artisan spotlight on ArtFire in a few weeks!! So I’m busy stocking up my ArtFire shop. If you see a new piece you like it will most likely be listed there. I am trying to generate more sales in that shop now. They have soooo many great features that are very helpful when listing items.

I also wanted to give you a heads up that I will be hosting a giveaway again once I hit post number 200 which is very soon!!! Be on the lookout for that. It may or may not be an original just for you as a thank you.

Well this was long! Here’s the photos you’ve been reading for! LOL

“The Earth Laughs In Flowers” – SOLD

“Whimsical Garden” 24 x 36 Mixed Media

“Adventure Called” – From the Book Series 5 x 7 mixed media

“Keep Branching Out” – From the Book Series 5 x 7 mixed media

“NYC Visit” – From the Book Series 5 x 7 mixed media

“BFF Swoon” – From the Book Series 5 x 7 mixed media

Art in the Midst of it all.


“The Garden Calls”

This is my newest piece of mixed media. It has layers of tissue paper with flowers in the background, flower and button as well as the sketch/painting of the woman. There is a quote that runs down the piece that says: “Some people like to make a little garden out of life & walk down a path” – Jean Anouth

Size is 8″ x 10″ on a gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted green and have whimsical white and blue flowers on all sides. I decided to try a new technique of sketching with a sketch and wash pencil then seal it and add color to it. Love how soft the effect was. No harsh colors or lines in this piece. I’ve listed it on ArtFire need to try and get sales up on that site.

She’s pensive and that came of out the type of week I’ve had. My daughter broke her femur and is in an immobilizing cast for 6 weeks, both legs, hips and belly and she’s 2.5. Been a hard week but the art turned out beautiful. Out of ashes come beauty.

Latest listings


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Just listed today is the “Summer Bird” I actually sold the original today locally so I decided to offer the print!! It’s available in both my Etsy and ArtFire shops.

Also just listed is “Amethyst” which is a mixed media wall hanging. It’s super vibrant with purple and lime green, would brighten up a dark corner or spot in your house. I used real amethyst beads from my Nana’s old necklace from years back. It is available in my ArtFire shop.

I just did a large update on my art newsletter with even more new pieces to show you. PLEASE sign up if you would like to be on my mailing list. The subscribe box is on the right. I go into more details in that and will offer special discounts to my newsletter members.

Hope Summer is treating you well!