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Well hello there 2013!


This is what I feel like most days! LOL My silly daughter.

This is what I feel like most days! LOL My silly daughter. Photo by A Likeness of Something Photography.

Ok so I haven’t blogged since my birthday in October (slaps self in face) so I figured I’d blog a bit right now. Lots happened in 2012 some good, some stressful, some bad. I’m happy to welcome a new year of new opportunities and closure on some things weighing on my family. This isn’t a bummer of a post so I’m going to keep things on a high note. I don’t have a word for the year but I do have a phrase I’m going to do my best to wholeheartedly embrace, that is “GO FOR IT!”

This year I’m going to jump into new adventures, challenges and take more risks with a lot of different things. In October of this year I’m turning the BIG 4-0! YIKES! I want to be fit and fab for my birthday so one of the first things I’m going to jump into is CrossFit! I’m completely terrified of it but I’m willing to embrace it and just “GO FOR IT!” I want to lose 50 pounds and get rid of the so-called baby weight. My daughter just turned 1 so I don’t have an excuse anymore!

With my art I’m definitely taking more risks! Since attending Tracy Verdugo‘s “Paint Mojo” class in November I’m definitely freer in my art and I’m not planning things out too much. I ‘m having fun! I plan on keeping this attitude and seeing what the outcomes are. I’ve signed up for a challenge on FB as well that is to create a new piece of art every day for 2013. It doesn’t have to be a painting but it could be a sketch or something much more simple. I’ll be making an album on Flickr with my art a day challenge. Join in if you like!

My life at home, I want to be more organized. If we ever close on our house I will finally be able to decorate and make the house ours. This is a BIG frustration now. Hopefully by the end of February, this has been going on a year now. Still haven’t unpacked all of our moving boxes.

I also want to spend more time with friends! When we moved back to FL we thought we’d have all this awesome time with our close friends and yet we’ve been back here for almost 3 years now and we NEVER do anything with them. I hate this so much because we need the time to have fun. It’s hard with 2 small kids and I love being a mom but we need some adult time. I think we just need to steal it when we can, this goes for dates too.

OK so there you have it, it’s out in the open….ack! This is my accountability post, I hope I can stick to it all and have a wonderful year. 2013 don’t let me down, better yet … Aimée don’t let yourself down!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2013 is full of blessings for you!


Today’s art


Today's art

This is a revised painting that I did today. The old piece I did probably in 2008 and hated it but kept the canvas. Today I layered on more paper and painty goodness and this is what emerged. 🙂 I just started an art-a-day challenge on FB if you want to join me. I will try to remember to post my art daily on the blog, if not it will go here.