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First project of 2015!


Hi all!

I’ve moved my studio in the house and I’m starting to feel inspired again! I wanted to show you my first project of 2015, I really like how it turned out! If you’d like to see how I made it and the products I used you can right here. It was my design team How-To project this month. Stay tuned for an Inspire project soon! Hope 2015 is treating you well! XOXO

"Road Trip"

“Road Trip”


New Year, New Design Team, first project!


I’m honored to be on a new design team! I am on the Robin’s Nest team and it is a 6 month term with a monthly project. I barely moved into our new home and got my studio mostly set up this week and didn’t have as much time to devote to this first project but I hope you enjoy it anyways. This is just a teaser and you can see more photos and how-to on their blog here. Come on over and check out the great products for your next crafting adventure!!

January Teaser

January Teaser



Today’s art


Today's art

This is a revised painting that I did today. The old piece I did probably in 2008 and hated it but kept the canvas. Today I layered on more paper and painty goodness and this is what emerged. 🙂 I just started an art-a-day challenge on FB if you want to join me. I will try to remember to post my art daily on the blog, if not it will go here.